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AARTHI JANAKIRAMAN, Industry Manager, Techvision, Chennai

She is known as a very hardworking, dedicated individual with knowledge across different streams. She is extremely good in handling multiple assignments (GCs, briefings, syndicated) and consistent in delivering high quality. An ambitious and visionary leader, she never takes her eye off the goal. Please join me in congratulating Aarthi into the President’s club.

ANUJ MONGA, Program Manager, Mobility, Gurgaon

An outstanding Program Manager, Analyst and Consultant. He is not only the most consistent performer in the aftermarket team but also regarded as one of the best Frost & Sullivan has to offer and is well regarded by all his superiors and colleagues. Over the last few years, Anuj has been instrumental in the continued success of the aftermarket program. He has made it to the President's Club 3 times in 5 years. Please joins us in welcoming Anuj to the President's club 2018.

ARJUN SREEKUMAR, Industry Analyst, Aerospace & Defense, Chennai

He is a bright talent who is very keen on learning about the defense sector and building wider industry knowledge. He has worked on a wide range of GC activities inspite of tight schedules associated. His standard of output has been very high and the fact that defense clients around the world have raised a number of enquiries about the content of his reports is a testament to his abilities. Please join me in congratulating Arjun into the President’s club.

ARUN KUMAR SAMPATHKUMAR, Industry Manager, Aerospace & Defense, Chennai

Managing a growing analyst team, multiple research and consulting assignments. He has responded well to grow the team and has been instrumental in helping to identify and onboard a number of excellent candidates who are likely to be in the Presidents Club next year. Please join me in congratulating Arun into the President’s club.

AVIJIT GHOSH, Principal Consultant, Mobility, Kolkata

He is one of the hard working, diligent person in the automotive team who always works collaboratively with his team members and keeps our client's needs on top of his mind. He is actively focused on developing the European business and throughout 2017 had come up with new ideas and topics to generate more client activities in Europe bringing him huge recognition by clients. Through his work quality, he has been able to raise the credibility of Frost & Sullivan among European clients. Please join us in welcoming Avijit Ghosh into the President's club.

CHRISTEENA THOMAS, Senior Research Analyst, Visionary Science, Pune

She is a true champion of the Frost & Sullivan company values and has consistently demonstrated this. She always has good ideas beneficial for the group including strategic MER studies that have generated a lot of interest from clients, such as the intumescent coatings and the anti-corrosion coatings studies. She is consistently and continuously delivering high quality market research and content to consulting projects. As a result of this the feedback from peers and clients has been regularly positive. Please join us in welcoming Christeena Thomas into the President's club.

GERALDINE PRIYA ALBERT, Team Leader, Mobility, Chennai

She has made significant contributions to raise the profile of the Mobility team in Frost & Sullivan. Her top-quality work has pleased clients and opened doors to new business with them. With some of the highest read publications in this exciting business unit, she leads from the front, leveraging every interaction that she has had with clients (primaries, webinars etc) to create opportunity and develop leads. Please join me in congratulating Priya into the President’s club.

ISAAC ABRAHAM, Consultant, Mobility, Chennai

He delivers with effortlessly, and the numbers speak. Be it writing exceptional reports, hitting targets, being on award calls, vetting write-ups or helping new analysts ease into the system, he delivers with ease. Please join me in congratulating Isaac into the President’s club.

JABEZ MENDELSON, Industry Analyst, Techvision, Chennai

He is a focused, calm, team player who rarely let's stressful times or demanding clients get in the way of his team’s goals. Over and above his work with defense clients, his passion for research, mentoring of junior team member and, willingness to share responsibilities stand testimony to his ability to reach greater heights. Please join me in congratulating Jabez into the President's club.

JOE PRAVEEN VIJAYAKUMAR, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

Being on time and being first time right earmark his contributions to exciting new topics. His virtual briefings have resulted in companies buying his report. He has contributed immensely to Frost & Sullivan Brand through a biometrics article for Elsevier, and biometrics commentary for Popular Mechanics. Please join me in congratulating Joe Praveen into the President’s club.

KAMALESH MOHANARANGAM, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

Stepped up into the role of co-managing GPS activities for the team while leading the teams' BP pipeline creation. He has been our best performer for the second year in a row now which is an even more difficult feat to achieve than being the best analyst for the first time. Please join me in congratulating Kamalesh into the President’s club.

KIRAN KUMAR VIJAYAKUMAR, Program Manager, Techvision, Chennai

He is a quiet hardworking contributor in the group with his excellent knowledge of the ICT domain, he seeks to employ leadership strategies that drive Frost & Sullivan growth. He successfully delivered a very demanding project with a Taiwanese firm last year; this project has now thrown open the doors for future opportunities. Please join me in congratulating Kiran Kumar into the President's club.

KOUSTAV CHATTERJEE, Industry Analyst, Transformational Health, Kolkata

Strives to go above and beyond especially in direct client work. He interacts with the group in a manner both in suggestions, understanding of clients and their needs His ideas are at a level of a seasoned analyst. He has also pushed proactively on his own to try new client targets. He looks to provide high quality work, and expand the types of data, analysis and research presentations. He is a pleasure to have in the analyst team and represents our values in what he strives to deliver in his work and what he brings to the global IRG team and the BU across all business lines. Please join us in welcoming Koustav into the President's club.

KRISHNA CHAITHANYA, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

Over five years of automotive industry expertise, which include expertise in market research and consulting. Hands on experience in custom consulting assignments, engaging with clients to develop result-oriented strategies to enhance their growth objectives. Acumen in mapping business dynamics and realigning strategic and operational drivers to combat competitive forces and delivering superior performances under demanding work environments. Strong analytical skills encompassing telematics in commercial vehicles. Quoted in domestic and international publications. Prior to Frost & Sullivan, headed the Research and Consulting Vertical at RACE Innovations Pvt. Limited. Please join me in congratulating Krishna Chaithanya into the President's club.

MANISH MENON, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Pune

He is a role model in the team and is emerging as a leader. Backed by the quality of his content and knowledge of the markets that he works in, he has established himself as the go-to guy for some key areas within the program area. He has also developed a tracker for following up on social media activity for the team and is himself an active member in communities and contributed to online discussions via LinkedIn. He has lead two very strategic projects in 2017 one of which was for BOSAL/Rothschild consult which was Frost & Sullivan's first foray into a Merger and Acquisition advisory role in Chassis & Safety. He was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at the "2nd ANNUAL AUTOMOTIVE 48V POWER SUPPLY AND ELECTRIFICATION SYSTEMS FORUM which is a rare feat. Please joins us in welcoming Manish Menon into the President's Club.

NEHA ANNA THOMAS, Industry Analyst / Team Leader, EMI, Chennai

She is the top-of-mind 'go to person' should someone need an up-to-the-minute economics input. Senior analysts and leaders are cognizant of the quality of her contributions and unparalleled work ethic. Webinars spearheaded by her have resulted in several leads. Please join me in congratulating Neha into the President’s club.

PAUL HUDSON JEBAKUMAR, Senior Research Analyst, Energy & Environment, Chennai

His research is much sought after for its in-depth analysis and precision. He maintains a very high quality standard in all of his GPS studies, GC deliverables, and awards and is, by far, the most dependable analyst in the water research team. Please join me in congratulating Paul into the President’s club.

POOJA BETHI, Research Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

She is a diligent analyst who manages time well. She has created a first-of-it's-kind TCO modeling and built a comprehensive database of battery data and charging infrastructure data for clients. She is also an awards champion who proactively supports the sales team. Please join me in congratulating Pooja into the President's club.

PRINCE PHILIP, Sales Mnager, Sales, Chennai

Has been a consistent performer for the Learning & Development team and is now a member of the President's Club for the second year in a row. His self-motivation and determination have helped win and close out projects. Owing to his client relationship skills, he has been able to deliver magic numbers. Please join me in congratulating Prince Philip into the President's club.

RITUPARNA DAS, Senior Industry Analyst, EMI, Kolkata

The GIL Index tool was created by this analyst. It is company IP and got us facetime with state dignitaries. The recently published EDI Index has generated a lot of recognition and brand value for us. She also worked on other industry specific GIL Indices which are converting into leads. Please join us in welcoming Ritu into the president's club.

SANCHARI CHATTERJEE MAITY, Senior Research Analyst, Techvision, Kolkata

She is very good in delivering quality resulting in repeat projects, mentoring, etc. She is a team player with an openness to learn and is known for delivering consistent quality work within deadlines. She has done an excellent work with European Commission Nanodata project. Her analytical framework in this project was well received by the consortia and Frost & Sullivan efforts were published in the EC technical papers. Please join us in welcoming Sanchari into the President's club.

SHRUTHI PARAKKAL, Consultant, Transformational Health, Chennai

She has successfully developed the TAM model for HP and received exceptional praise for her work. She authored 4 growth insights on health care IT market, and an award, is very active on social media and regularly contributes to HIMMS. Please join me in congratulating Shruthi into the President’s club.

SIDDHARTHAJIT SHAH, Industry Analyst, Transformational Health, Pune

This analyst is extremely proactive and always on top of innovation in his industry. He delivers high quality deliverables and goes the extra mile. He is very active on social media and avid writer and produces quality deliverables. He regularly writes for Forbes and his specialty is working on white spaces in the Industry. He is very collaborative and cooperative, works as a team player and yet an individual contributor. Please join us in welcoming Siddharth into the President's club.

SILPA PAUL, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

She brings a rare mix of high strategic and analytical skills, industry expertise, and a penchant for sales. She is the Awards Champion for the mobility group; her idea of revamping the awards program has created a stronger pipeline of awards. Please join me in congratulating Silpa into the President's club.

SRIRAM VENKATRAMAN, Industry Principal, Mobility, Chennai

He has done some amazing work in research and consulting and continues to deliver projects to very demanding clients and turning it into a renewable relationship. He is also very good when it comes to embracing all our processes and delivering timely content and most importantly thinking from a client's point of view. Please join me in congratulating Sriram into the President’s club.

SUNDAR SHANKARNARAYANAN, Industry Analyst, Mobility, Chennai

He is a Certified Supply Chain Professional, and a popular thought leader on social media, with extensive research expertise in Big data, Digital marketing, and Database tools. Please join me in congratulating Sundar into the President’s club.

VIROOP NARLA, Team Leader, Mobility, Chennai

He turned around the fortunes of a flailing BSIG; his ground-breaking analysis 'Future of Amazon in the Automotive Industry' was downloaded 408 times in 5 months by leading automotive brands. Please join me in congratulating Viroop into the President’s club.